Crabgrass frontier : the suburbanization of the United States (書籍, 1985) [Hayden Memorial Library @ Citrus College]
Crabgrass frontier : the suburbanization of the United States

Crabgrass frontier : the suburbanization of the United States

著者: Kenneth T Jackson
出版社: New York : Oxford University Press, 1985.
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Chronicles the development of American suburbs, compares American residential patterns with those of Europe and Japan, and discusses how society's views of the metropolis have changed throughout history.
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ジャンル/形式: History
その他のフォーマット: Online version:
Jackson, Kenneth T.
Crabgrass frontier.
New York : Oxford University Press, 1985
資料の種類: インターネット資料
ドキュメントの種類 書籍, インターネット資料
すべての著者/寄与者: Kenneth T Jackson
ISBN: 0195036107 9780195036107 9780195049831 0195049837
OCLC No.: 11785435
パフォーマー WJC Memorial to William Orthel.
受賞歴: Bancroft Prize, 1986.
Society of American Historians Francis Parkman Prize, 1986.
物理形態: x, 396 pages : illustrations ; 24 cm
コンテンツ: Suburbs as slums --
Transportation revolution and the erosion of the walking city --
Home, sweet home: the house and the yard --
Romantic suburbs --
Main line: elite suburbs and commuter railroads --
Time of the trolley --
Affordable homes for the common man --
Suburbs into neighborhoods: the rise and fall of municipal annexation --
New age of automobility --
Suburban development between the wars --
Federal subsidy and the suburban dream: how Washington changed the American housing market --
Cost of good intentions: the ghettoization of public housing in the United States --
Baby boom and the age of the subdivision --
Drive-in culture of contemporary America --
Loss of community in metropolitan America --
Retrospect and prospect.
責任者: Kenneth T. Jackson.


The winner of the Bancroft Prize and the Francis Parkman Prize, this book is the first detailed history of suburban life in America from its origins to the drive-in culture of today.  続きを読む
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"A compelling narrative.... Jackson traces the consequences of the predominantly North American process [of suburbanization] through three centuries of technological, economic and social 続きを読む



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